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Pomerium’s next concert is 3:00 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 5, 2017, at the Church of St. Ignatius of Antioch, West End Avenue at West 87th Street. Musical Games, Puzzles, and Riddles of the Renaissance was designed as a complement to the exhibition of fifteenth-century playing cards mounted at The Cloisters in early 2016. It features the famous “picture songs” by Baude Cordier (Tout par compas, pictured above, and Belle, bonne, sage, notated in the shape of a heart), Ockeghem’s puzzle canon Prenez sur moy, Isaac’s experimental Missa Argentum et aurum, several movements from various L’homme armé Masses, Busnoys’s musical portraits of Ockeghem and himself (In hydraulis and Anthoni usque limina, respectively), and two tour de force musical canons by Josquin Desprez.

On Saturday, April 15, 2017, Pomerium will perform its annual Holy Saturday concert at The Cloisters, Passion and Resurrection Motets of the Renaissance.

On Sunday, Nov. 6, 2016, Pomerium performed The Golden Age of Polyphony: Renaissance Music from the Library of Congress Collection, a program first performed October 31, 2015, at the Library of Congress. Read the Washington Post’s extraordinary review.


Pomerium’s April 9, 2015, concert at Carnegie Hall’s Weill Recital Hall was a triumphant end to the group’s 42nd season.


The program for the evening’s concert was the entirety of “Music for the Tudor Queens,” Pomerium’s latest CD, released in February 2015.  The CD can be purchased here.  You can also download the tracks at our “Music & Store” page.

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READ THE AMAZING WASHINGTON POST REVIEW OF POMERIUM’S MAY 5, 2013, CONCERT AT THE PHILLIPS COLLECTION Pomerium celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2012-2013 with the release of “A Voice in the Wilderness-Mannerist Motets of the Renaissance.”  Background music: Gesualdo – Ecce vidimus eum   Order your copy here: Add to Cart Or download MP3 files here, or at Amazon.com, iTunes, and dozens of other sites. We are now offering a “Special” (3 copies for $40)Add to Cart  or 5 copies for $60 Add to Cart. Pomerium’s first concert of the 2012-2013 season was September 14 at the University of Notre Dame. It included slides of art works projected on a large screen above the singers. Here are some comments from people who were there: “Alex, thank you for the evening of beautiful music. We also appreciated both the well-chosen slides and your comments, which added a deeper dimension to our listening experience. Bravo to you and to your Pomerium; the concert was a delight in every way.” — Jane D. “I thought the concert last night was superb. I could have listened to three more hours. I was in the front row of the balcony and the acoustics were, to my ear, just perfect. Hearty congrats, and many thanks” –John E.

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